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Youth OUTLOUD! was a global network of youth-created content distributed to mainstream media outlets to give children and teens a voice in their world, but sharing their first-person stories. The global news service operated in 150 countries and worked with more than 1,500 media outlets.


Today's Youth. Today's Leaders. was developed to highlight youth-serving organizations and the difference they make in the lives of teenagers and the communities in which they live. Print and broadcast ads showcasing the work of teens were shown in movie theaters and local print and broadcast outlets. 

Battle 4 Life Logo.jpg

Battle for Life was developed with the hip hop community to spotlight urban youth who had a story to tell through music. This national program partnered with the US Attorneys Offices to curb gang violence in inner cities, by reducing gun ownership.


YEA has assembled a team of the world’s foremost experts in children’s rights. Any issue pertaining to children can be addressed and a meaningful solution can be offered. YEA has legal and hands-on expertise in: migration, media, social development, child labour, trafficking, exploitation, juvenile justice, child participation, and many other fields.

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