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Customized Storytelling Platforms

YEA uses storytelling for social change. We create programs with a specific theme for our clients, and through our cloud-based technology, anyone anywhere can create a story in any language. The story can be illustrated by working with an artist or photographer of their choice.

Easy, Step-by-Step Instructional Tools

YEA provides multiple levels of instruction - from refresher coaching to certification programs classrooms or community projects.


Community of Storymakers
Our cloud-based Community of Practice is a global network of writers, editors, illustrators, photographers and technicians who collaborate on storymaking projects from anywhere in the world.

Featured Project

Our collaboration project, Global Storymakers, is working throughout the world to create mother-tongue storybooks for early learners. 

In partnership with digital story platforms, YEA produces dual language books as companions to audio and digital platforms so learning can be done from anywhere a child wants to read. 

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