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Each storymaking platform is customized to create books for a specific targeted audience. Contact us to create a custom platform for your organization and mission.
We provide complete training to your team as well as build custom page templates and image libraries to make book creation easy.


Our primary mission is to offer books in mother-tongue languages for early learners. To submit a book for consideration CLICK HERE.

Global Storymakers is a network of illustrators, writers, photographers, teachers and technicians committed to giving children a voice in their world by creating their own stories about subjects of interest to them.

There are additional storymaker platforms, all designed for a specific audience with custom image libraries and storybook templates; to see some of our work go to the PROJECTS page. It you want to create custom platform CLICK HERE.

Our platform, Rescue Writing, has been built for parents and teachers who want to create a book with children about animals and pets, it is FREE to use, and complete with templates, so start today.


We welcome everyone to participate in our mission on a variety of levels. 

You can support our work by:

  • BECOME A MEMBER of Global Storymakers, and SIGN UP for updates

  • SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube channel

  • FOLLOW us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

  • BUY books produced on our platforms

  • SHARE our storymaking platform with others

  • GET CERTIFIED as a Storymaker

  • DONATE to support our work

Build your own custom Storymaking platform
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